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Date: 26/07/18

May You Choke On It

And so our national humiliation continues.

It has been the week of the 'Royal Welsh Show' at Llanelwedd in the midlands. This is the annual coming together of the agricultural sector of what is left of our country's economy, where farmers from north, south, east and west come together to compare bullocks and moan about how badly done by they are.

One of the big attractions every year is the Food Hall, where our nation's food producers have a glorious chance to show off their wares, and where the quality for which our produce is renowned can be demonstrated.

Except, this year, this was the sort of sight which greeted visitors:

Image of a poster where Welsh food is marketed under the 'Union' flag

Yes, Welsh food being marketed with scarcely a mention of the country it was made in, and the whole lot plastered with the Brexiteer's Apron. "Food Is Great Britain", indeed!

Our 'national brand' (if we absolutely must use such coarse language) is important: it is not merely an indication of the quality of what we make; it is also one of the few ways in which our small(-ish), colonised land can display itself in positive ways to the world. And so, when something like this happens, it is much worse than casual disrespect; it is a deliberate, calculated attempt to render our identity invisible even in our own land.

For 'calculated' it most certainly is: the 'Royal (funny how that word keeps cropping up) Highland Show' in Scotland a little while back saw exactly the same tactics; Scottish produce marked and marketed as 'British', with that fucking ugly flag (you can tell it was chosen by a committee, can't you?) smothering everything.

How does this happen? Well, in the most quotidian sense it is because DEFRA (the colonial power's Department of English Farmers Running Amok) bought the space for the exhibition and so the 'Royal Welsh' - being a private corporation - were bound to allow the English state's ministry to do things as they wanted.

In the less mundane and more philosophical sense, it happens because - with the national self-strangulation of Brexit looming ever nearer on the event horizon of grotesque stupidity - the Greater England state is desperately trying to relegate its last colonial possessions not merely to subservience but to non-existence itself.

In the more specific case of our own nation, it can be done because the constipating deference to Englishry and its doings is so deeply embedded in our nation's psyche that it is second nature to 'official Wales' to bend to the will of the assimilationists; and to do so not meekly, but with enamel-scraping enthusiasm. The rot reaches into every area: politics, the media and society generally.

In politics, it has given us a 'government' - in a 'parliament' where assimilationist parties have permanent dominion - which doesn't merely acquiesce in our national self-abasement, but actively supports it even to the point of handing 'our' parliament's powers over to an extreme right-wing English government with nothing but evil and destructive intentions.

In the media, the same thing applies: look at this article covering the row over the food branding, on a website owned - as is nearly all the print media in our country - by a company once known as 'Trinity Mirror' and now called the utterly meaningless 'Reach', which has a strong fraternal relationship with the assimilationist Establishment. Of the producers 'on the ground' who thought it was no big deal at all, Henrietta Henscher - whose business seems to involve artisan water (presumably from artisan wells) - is a former Tory parliamentary candidate, and the 'product development manager' for Castle Dairies Marcus Beards slammed the 'phone down on the blogger Royston Jones when Jones tried to ask him what he meant when he said that our flag was "...a bit of a problem".

And our society in general is still dominated by the weak-willed and the bent-spined who will, it seems, endure any slight and caress any shackle because they have been propagandised down the years and the generations to believe that their nation is, "too weeeeak, too pooo-war, too stew-ped!", and that so the best thing to do is to abdicate all responsibility (and dignity) by keeping power in the hands of a State which has demonstrated beyond doubt that its attitude towards our country is one of, at best, casual malevolence.

If this is to be stopped - and stopped it must be before it really is too late - then a number of things must happen:

The time for the simple human dignity of open resistance to the insulting and arrogant attitudes of Empire has come. Pwy a saif gyda ni?