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Date: 28/08/18

Coming Soon

Given, as I've mentioned before, the increasing prevalence of the Brexiteers' Apron appearing on everything down to a punnet of (Scottish) strawberries; and given that knobhead colonialists like this arrogant 'local' prick seem not remotely to understand why their actions are so offensive ('our' Air Force, 'our' royal wedding indeed!); and given the clear rôle of the media as organs of state propaganda; given, as I say, all this (and more), I have exciting news!

Sources in close touch tell me that the Greater England Broadcasting Corporation is preparing a scintillating new show to air right through the winter months in peak time on GEBC1. In it, contestants from all over 'the country' will compete to see which of them is the most sexually competent.

It will be called The Great British Fuck-Off.