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Date: 20/06/06

A Choice Of Listening

Not many updates lately, I know. Strange, you might think, when I've been taking my customary June fortnight away from the ever-deepening pool of confusion which is the office. But, I was determined to spend as much of it as possible outdoors, and I've been lucky enough to have pretty good weather this year. Besides, the hedge needed cutting. I have a hedge which is about 30 metres long, and which is a real parade of variety. I have the standard privet, of course, but interspersed with this I also have lilac, hawthorn, elder, Buddleia globosa, hypericum (I can't figure out how that got there), and one or two things I can't readily identify.

So, not much sitting around indoors, then. Except for watching the World Cup, of course (and I went out for a walk last Friday afternoon, thereby missing Argentina v. Serbia and what, by all account, was the team performance of the event so far).

But, the hedge having been tamed and the weather having turned a bit, I have finally been able to put together my six-monthly list of My Hundred Best Tunes.

For new readers, an explanation: every six months, I go through my expanding collection of music and pick out a hundred tracks. These may be permanent favourites (about a dozen or so), or they may be whatever takes my fancy at the time.

Having made my list, I randomise them so as to produce a sort of playlist, which I then listen to at odd moments during the following week or so.

You might as well see how varied/interesting.downright bizarre (delete as appropriate) my musical tastes are. So, follow this link for the playlist. As usual, there are some sound clips available, including eight new ones.