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Date: 26/07/07

A Legend At 70

Today marks the 70th birthday of one of the most remarkable people I've ever known.

Well, when I say known, I have to admit that I've never actually met this guy, never actually spoken to him. I know him (definitely not in the biblical sense!) in the sense that has become common nowadays, in that we contribute to the same Usenet group; namely, that redoutable tangle of threads, alligators and chocolate that is alt.fan.pratchett.

Photo of Rocky Frisco

Rocky Frisco is (or has been) a musician (his first paid gig was 50 years ago, and he is currently regular keyboards man in J.J. Cale's touring band), an actor (a late development, hence he's played quite a few old men!), a jewelry maker, a motor-racing driver in Canada (Minis a speciality), and a political campaigner (a Libertarian with an unswerving commitment to that fine document the United States Constitution).

I don't agree with his position on some of these subjects, but I gladly recognise and appreciate that all he does, he does with honesty, integrity and humanity.

So happy birthday Rocky: may your shadow never grow less, and may your songs never end.