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Date: 25/08/07

Paxo Stuffs 'Em

I don't usually have a lot of time for Jeremy Paxman. He does tend to exude an air of superiority and arrogance which is not always matched by his talent.

He can, however, hit the nail firmly on the head at times. This time, it was in his MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

His criticisms of the way television is run today, its obsession with trivia, its superficial coverage of important stories, and the supine, egregious cowardice of its management, strike a chord with those of us who have despaired at the way this important channel of information and culture has been sidetracked into low-quality, ratings-chasing banality (for my take on all this, see here).

You can read Paxman's lecture here (in .pdf format), or here (if you want the .html version; although this is an 'edited' - i.e., slightly censored - version).