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Date: 03/09/07

When One Door Closes...

...Another two get ripped off their hinges and replaced.

Say what you want about Wrexham County Borough Council (and I have said it - frequently), they can get the job done when they put their minds to it.

Having put in double glazing (in about 2001) and central heating (three years ago - ye gods, is it that long ago?), today they came and gave me new front and back doors.

They were sorely needed, believe me. I mean, this is what the old back door looked like:

Picture of a grotty old back door - inside

Picture of a grotty old back door - outside

(It was in more or less this state when it was put in about fifteen years ago. That's why I never bothered painting it)

And this is what the front door looked like:

Picture of a decrepit front door - inside

Picture of a decrepit front door - outside

(Bloody wood had warped and let the draught in something chronic)

So, at about 8:20 this morning, one of the guys the Council had contracted to do the work turned up and started jemmying the old wooden doors and their frames out and putting the new uPVC ones in position for his colleague to fit them.

He turned up at about 9:30 and set about the job. He had a lot of trouble getting the front door to shut properly (I could have told them that, as this house is over eighty years old, nothing about it is exactly in true anymore), but eventually his expertise got there (although he admitted that he didn't know quite how he'd solved the problem), and the back door was straightforward by comparison.

After applying the sealant, fitting all the trim (and refitting the chain, because some cross-threaded twit at the factory had put the bracket on a part of the frame which would be embedded in the wall), cleaning and making good, they'd finished by 11:40.

And a very fine job they did as well, as you can now see:

Picture of the inside of a new uPVC back door

Picture of the outside of a new uPVC back door

Picture of the inside of a new uPVC front door

Picture of the outside of a new uPVC front door

Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name of their company, and didn't get their own names, but if you read this, guys, you're a couple of true professionals!

You might be able to see the little spy-hole in the front door. The thing is, as the front step is a good two to three inches below the door level, if anyone of less-than-average height knocks on the door, I won't be able to see them. One of my elderly neighbours has a slightly different problem, as she is too short to look out through hers at all.

Now I just have to remember to lock up properly before I go out...