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Date: 10/11/07


I don't think I've seen my feelings on the issue of remembrance better expressed than by my old friend Alex aka The Plainclothes Clown:

(Note: I've corrected the spelling and toned down the language a tad: I think the dear boy got agitated!)

"Look, let's get this straight, okay?

"Not all of us are going to join the military and go out there and Defend Our Land. Ever. And you know why?

"Because we're too [...] busy trying to be the spirit of our land.

"We are singers, dreamers, people who laugh at inappropriate times, dancers, sorcerers, freaks, clowns. We are bakers, door to door salesmen with a target to achieve, teachers, commuters, PAs, bosses, thugs, workers, unemployed, nutcases, geniuses, the downtrodden, the valiant.

"We are civilians. We also fall doing our bit for society. We keep it going while the soldiers are going out there killing people trying to do their job of keeping their society going.

"When [...] do we get our names on a wall? When [...] do we get the day that people come to a memorial and say "For the people who kept the values we fought for, like humour and love and peace and freedom, by living those ideals instead of throwing them away?"

"All I'm saying is, honour the fallen tomorrow yes. But don't lose your heads in the thunder of war drums and the rattling of [...] sabres!

"I just had it today. They were showing a film, for kids, and in the middle of it is a recruitment advertisement for the armed services.