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Date: 16/06/11

For The Birds

Not many things make me laugh out loud, but something happened today which hit the spot.

One of the tortoiseshell cats from along the road (not the one featured here) I have named 'Mental Minnie'. This is partly because she seems to suffer from the feline equivalent of ADHD and simply can't be still for a moment, but it's mostly because of what seems to be her main hobby, namely climbing up my oak tree in mid-evening to try to play with the crows.

I was waiting by my front gate for the bus into town at lunchtime when along she comes, wanting an inordinate fuss making of her (as ever). I pointed out to her that this wasn't going to happen on this occasion because the bus was just coming along the road.

Slightly miffed, she squeezed (although this is not quite the word, because she is very slim, possibly due to a fast metabolism) through the bars of the gate and started to walk up the path.

She had scarcely gone a yard into the garden when, as if from nowhere, came a large cock blackbird swooping down at her like an avenging angel or small thundercloud. It's just as well 'Minnie' is as thin as she is, otherwise she would have been turned into chips by the speed with which she retreated through the gate again.

As I sat down on the bus, I saw her crossing the adjacent side-road at speed, still being harried by the blackbird.

I haven't seen her this evening to ask how she got on. Can cats blush with embarrassment?