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Date: 12/08/14

Qntal - "Ecce Gratum" (2003)

In one sense, this - the latest in a series of posts in celebration of Real Synthetic Audio - heads even further into the past than the last one.

About 800 years, in fact. Well, at least as far as the lyrics are concerned.

Qntal are a German band which seeks to merge literature of the mediaeval period with modern sounds such as Darkwave.

Sounds pretentious? Well, no. There's nothing pretentious about this adaptation of part of the Carmina Burana which manages to keep the feel of the lyrics' original time whilst putting it firmly into today, musically speaking.

The track is taken from Qntal's 2003 album Qntal III: Tristan und Isolde. Orff you go...(geddit!):

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