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Date: 12/01/19

Are You 'Minimally Exceptional'?

There's no real contemporary 'hook' to hang this on, except that we are bombarded every hour of every day by those prostitutes called politicians and 'journalists' (the latter group being almost entirely stenographers for the former) using language designed to take away reality, to wrap it up in cotton wool and to serially bugger us all with bullshit intended by its progenitors to deceive.

One man who saw through it all a long time ago was the late, great George Carlin. Carlin was not only funny, he was deadly serious in the way in which he exposed the idiocies of the society in which he lived and held them up for the ridicule, scorn and contempt that they deserved then, and deserve in spades now.

It is now over a decade since he passed aw...sorry, since he died. This routine is from sometime in the mid-1990s, and shows him not merely as a comedian but as a sort of prophet as well. Fuck knows what he'd make of these days of 'preferred pronouns'...

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