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Date: 06/01/07

C.U., C. Me

After over a week of being housebound following my fourth viral infection in six weeks, I managed to drag myself out of doors this morning to go into Wrexham. Well, it was either that or have no money for a few more days.

I came back with this:

Photo of a PC TFT monitor

My 5½-year-old 15" Relisys CRT is finally on the way out (after some real hammer down the years, I might add), and I didn't get myself anything for Christmas, so why not now?

This is an Acer AL1716As 17" TFT, bought from Micro Plus Computers in Wrexham for just under £130.

There's a big perceptional difference between the image on a CRT and on a TFT, though (especially as the TFT allows me much finer resolution), so nothing looks quite 'right' just at the moment.